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Discover the complementary accessory of all BallKit's ranges of bubbles, balls or plastic cups: the transparent crosspiece holder. It stabilizes your decoration or display with elegance. Resistant thanks to the high quality of the French manufacture of BallKit. In two parts for easy storage and transport during your marketing events. The plastic crossbar holder has been designed to fit all balls, bubbles and plastic displays manufactured by BallKit, including the transparent cut for draws and lotteries. Sold individually, the plastic crossbar support has a protective film to be removed before use.

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Plastic crossbow ball holder

The stable support for plastic balls and bubbles:

The plastic crossbar support is the ideal accessory to stabilize all your decorations or presentation objects. Simply place the bubble, ball or plastic cup in balance in the center of the holder, without fear of slipping. The two flat parts simply fit together and allow for optimal storage and transport. The transparent crosspiece holder is suitable for all BallKit bubbles and plastic balls, from 14.5 cm to 58 cm in diameter. It must be placed on a flat and horizontal surface.

The French plastic support:

The plastic crossbar support is manufactured in France by BallKit to ensure quality and stability to meet your requirements. Cut from a resistant plastic to be reused according to your needs, the transparent crosspiece holder has been specially designed to perfectly hold the plastic bubbles, balls, and cups of the plastic shapes specialist. Particular care is taken with the finishes for an optimal result: the transparent crosspiece holder is delivered with a blue plastic film that is easy to remove to ensure a perfect condition on receipt, without impact or scratching.

The shock duo with the plastic cut:

The transparent crossbar holder matches perfectly with the BallKit plastic cup to organize your draws, raffles, lotteries, and other contests. BallKit's transparent cut is perfectly stabilized in the heart of the plastic crossbar support, which has been specially designed to accommodate it without it slipping. Its design, refined by the transparency of the plastic and its compact two-part design makes the crossbar support the ideal accessory to take with you everywhere for your events and marketing activities. The plastic cutting and crossbar support duo also fit perfectly into your shop for the presentation of your products as a portable and moose sale bin.


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