Cups, bubbles and raffle accessories

Discover the BallKit products designed for raffles. The plastic bubbles are opaque and can be divided into two parts so that a winning lot or number can be hidden inside. The high quality guarantees a durable clip closure to keep the suspense of your raffle going until the end!

The transparent plastic cups are available in several sizes to accommodate many bubbles for all types of events: raffles, raffles, fairs, promotional events, marketing and advertising events, and much more. BallKit has an eye for detail and also offers you the cross-bracket to hold the transparent plastic cups in place: take them everywhere!

Display stands

Transparent plastic cup

From €11.60
BallKit's transparent plastic cup made in France is ideal for events such as raffles, lottos, raffles, fairs, games of chance and other lotteries. To complete with our ranges of bubbles and plastic balls (sold separately) that you can customize according to your desires. Also, take advantage of the transparent plastic cut to present your products...

Pearly effect plastic bubbles

From €8.25
Choose the plastic bubble without fasteners and its luxurious and elegant pearly finish. It is easy to fill and store thanks to its two-part clip system. Choose the quality and resistance of French manufacturing for all your animations (lotteries, draws, games of chance, etc.) as well as your professional decoration (POS, shop window, advertising, com,...
Balls & Bubbles

Tonic plastic bubbles

From €8.25
Discover the essential accessory for your marketing events, draws, lotteries and contests: the tonic opaque plastic bubble. Without fasteners for a perfect roundness, the colorful finish of this range does not go unnoticed, as does the high quality produced by BallKit in France. Dividable into two perfectly fitting parts, the plastic bubble without...
Balls & Bubbles

Fluorescent opaque plastic bubbles

From €8.25
Enjoy the colorful atmosphere offered by the range of plastic bubbles without the fluorescent opaque finish attachment. The originality of its colors attracts the eye and brings dynamism to your decoration. Dividable in two parts for easy storage and filling, it is unattached for a round and elegant design. The fluorescent opaque plastic bubble is...
Supplies and materials

Transparent crossbar support

From €8.83
Discover the complementary accessory of all BallKit's ranges of bubbles, balls or plastic cups: the transparent crosspiece holder. It stabilizes your decoration or display with elegance. Resistant thanks to the high quality of the French manufacture of BallKit. In two parts for easy storage and transport during your marketing events. The plastic crossbar...

What are the advantages of BallKit raffle accessories?

A wide choice of sizes :

Small or large events, BallKit products will meet your needs. The transparent cups are available in 25 cm, 29 cm, 40 cm and even 58 cm! As for the plastic bubbles, we advise you to choose sizes 5 cm, 8 cm, 10 cm, 12 cm or 25 cm. Do not hesitate to refer to our table to know the capacity of the transparent plastic cups according to their sizes!

A large assortment of colours:

The ranges of opaque bubbles are very colourful to match the colours of all your events, for any occasion. The pearly plastic bubbles have a slightly shiny finish that gives them their natural elegance, while the tonic plastic bubbles have bright and very refreshing colours! Mix colours, play with colour combinations or let yourself be tempted by the transparent tinted plastic bubbles, which are more discreet but just as creative.

French manufacturing quality :

Like all other BallKit products, the raffle accessories are made in France by us, with our know-how. Thus we can guarantee you a professional quality to ensure the success of your events. For example, the plastic bubbles have their colour tinted in the mass, which makes them resistant to UV and bad weather because the colour does not fade or peel off. The two-part clip system can be held in place without additional adhesive for easy drawing. The high quality of the French manufacture makes BallKit products infinitely reusable!

A customization made to measure :

So that your event is in your image and resembles you, BallKit offers you to discover its personalization service. Fine and elegant engraving, coloured and original ink marking (pad printing) or stickers to place, customise the plastic bubbles according to your desires: write the name of your brand, company or association, or number the plastic bubbles for an efficient and simplified draw. Ideal for sports clubs organizing raffles and fairs!

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